We are a game development club.
We work with everything game related. That includes working on projects, hosting workshops
that teach everything from game engines and 3D modeling programs, and having a great time!
Show up to a general meeting to learn more or attend any upcoming events that interest you.


At Gamespawn, we provide workshops to help teach members how to start using tools which allows them to start projects. We use workshops as a way to motivate members and give them an opportunity to find out their passion in any aspect of game development.


With the skills that they have acquired, members can apply their knowledge in hands on collaboration with other members to make a game. Gamespawn supports each group and their goals with resources and mentors to help make the process easier for the teams. We have active projects for people to join, but feel free to start your own project and we will help you along the way.


We host different events ranging from Tech Talks given by guest speakers to competitions and collaboration that gives the members opportunities to use the skills they have sharpened. These events will be heated and fun for all the participants.


Of course, we need a way to cool off and hang out with the people we work with. We have socials throughout the quarter in which the members can get together and have fun. There is no better way to hang out than to hang out with your Gamespawn family!